In the dark mountains, something has awakened…

Once, this was a world at war. For centuries, innumerable evils swarmed out of the mountains in the frigid South. Dark magic scoured the land, forests burned with unnatural flame, and eldritch forces brought entire empires low. In some places, the humans, dwarves and other races built dungeons deep underground, retreating into the earth itself to avoid the ravaging forces above. When victory eventually came for the Grand Alliance, it was hard-fought and hard-won. 

It has been three hundred years since the forces of evil were defeated, and the lands are, it seems, at peace. Dragons, necromancers and other cruel foes are now mere bogeymen to scare children, distant memories of a long-passed age. Kingdoms and city-states have risen on the ashes of the old world, honouring the memories of distant glories but naive to the true horrors of a war that shook mountains and drowned nations. 

But, something is changing. In the Heathlands, peasants revolt against their lords. In the fortress-kingdom of Altamar, the nobles preach peace but prepare for war. And in the mountains of Sunder, the Rangers that patrol the passes are beset by newly emboldened foes… and rumours of something awakening, deep in the mountains.

The light of a new age is dawning upon the land, and the heroes of Lastlight may be among the first to witness it. 

The Lastlight Chronicles

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