A rough-and-tumble town in Sunder, around eight days south of Lastlight. Vandalin was once a thriving human town with strong alliances with local gnomes and dwarves. The town was sacked by orcs early in the Great War and never recovered. It's only been resettled again in the last thirty years or so, with hardy settlers from Sunder, The Heathlands and more distant regions reclaiming the ruins.

Locations in Vandalin include:

* Miner's Exchange – run by Talia Thornton.

* Muckel's Farm – home of the best pork in Sunder.

* the Townmaster's Residence – the nicest building in town, currently occupied by Daril Wester. 

* Stonehill's – the best tavern in town.

* The Goblin's Head – not the best tavern in town.

* The Sleeping Giant - the kind of tavern where you may not wake up in the morning.

* the abandoned Altamar garrison

* the burned out manor house, recently used as a base by the Redcloaks


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