The Heathlands

A large region to the southeast of Altamar and Sunder. The Heathlands have little central government, and are instead ruled by a collection of barons and lords that typically have little power to exert much control outside their immediate domain.

Outside of the western Heathlands closest to Sunder, the region is fairly dry and sees little rainfall. The terrain varies from hills and low mountains, through to seemingly endless scrubland, occasionally punctuated by mires and patchy, untamed forests. The ground is less arable than that found in central regions such as Mittel, and between the soil and high-taxing rulers, the life of a Heathlander peasant is generally miserable. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Heathlands have been the site of peasant revolts in recent years. Unheard  of anywhere else, these revolts have seen commoners rise up against particularly brutal overlords – with surprising success. Over the past year, Altamarian patrols to secure trade routes have extended deeper into the Heathlands to secure the rule of law. 

Where the peasants haven't taken over, Heathlander nobles need to watch it for bandits. One particularly infamous bandit lord is Harald Redthen, who operates in and around Krenfeldt in the northern Heath. 

Prominent cities in the Heathlands include Steadport, ThunhurstThistleton, StowneyAthelbray, Wickbarrow and Brocklund

The Heathlands

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