A mountain chain stretching north-south, Sunder neatly divides central regions such as Mittel from the eastern city-states and kingdoms, such as Altamar and The Heathlands

Sunder was, along with Altamar, the frontline of the Great War for many decades, and the mountains still bear the scars of mighty battles. Chief amongst these are The Shear, vast gouges in the landscape that, it's said, stretch as far as The Heart of the World

The towns of Sunder have long been allies of Altamar, and many Sunderians serve in the Altamar military. 


Key settlements and other locations in Sunder include

* Lastlight

* Goodbrook

* Foolshelm

* Ombrey

* Vandalin

* Thunderfell

* Redpeak

* Widowsreach

* Durga


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