NPCS met in game

Session A:

* Bevan Goodbrook - human member of the Rangers of Sunder.

* Gilliam Sucain – grizzled halfling chief of the Rangers of Sunder.

* Lady Threnody Rook – human Beaconmaster (mayor) of Lastlight.

* Wulf Doolan – dwarf innkeeper of The Unicorn and Serpent in Lastlight.


Session B:

* Aadara – mysterious quasi-human urchin.

* Gwendalyn Hearthhold - hotblooded dwarf adventurer, sister of Gundren and niece of Burgen. 


Session C: 

* Carl Muckel – human, heir to Muckel's pig farm.

* Daril Wester – human, coster (grocer), bumbling townmaster of Vandalin

* Durnin Highhill - human innkeeper of The Goblin's Head in Vandalin.

* Talia Thornton – human owner of Vandalin's Miner's Exchange.

* Tobias Stonehill - human innkeeper at Stonehill Inn in Vandalin.

* the Six Swords Society – a group of adventurers including a half-orc ranger, three humans, a dwarf and a gnome. 


Session 1: 

* Bevan Goodbrook - human member of the Rangers of Sunder.

* Gilliam Sucain – grizzled halfling chief of the Rangers of Sunder.

* Klausimir Bale – jovial human bartender of The Cauldron, in Lastlight

* Lukin Longbarrow - dwarf farmer of Sunder.

* Parasmus Erasando – slightly crazed human, originally of The Septeme.


Session D:

* Alder Muckel - owner of Muckel's Farm, and the finest ham in Sunder.

* Erin Barthen - owner of Barthen's Provisions, Vandalin's general store. 

* Sister Garael - an elf of Mittel, now based in Vandalin's church to Marianus.

* Father Wintersson – crotchety priest at Vandalin's church to Marianus.

* the Dezinry

* Kenric - elven wrestler of Lastlight and sword for hire.

* Reza Bridgeman – hired muscle, seen with Kenric.


Session 2:

* Talia Thornton – owner of the Miner's Exchange in Vandalin and acting Townmaster.

* Tobias Stonehill - owner of Stonehill's, the best inn in Vandalin.

* Rosie Thurn – waitstaff / bartender at Stonehill's in Vandalin.

* Eddemir – apple salesman in Vandalin.

* Sister Garael - an elf of Mittel, now based in Vandalin's church to Marianus.

* Erin Barthen – owner of Barthen's Provisions, Vandalin's general store. 

* Kella - a travelling monk, currently passing through Thunderfell


NPCs in back stories or downtime:


* Endervane - Elven criminal turned noble of Altamar. Also known as Lord Porcelain. One-time patron to Taerus.

* Harald Redthen - bandit lord of the Heathlands, and one-time nemesis of Erol.

* Master Ebben - dwarf wizard of Stonebridge College in Lastlight, mentor to Rastus. 


Session A:

* Burgen Hearthhold - dwarf farmer, self-taught alchemist and homebrew maker of Lastlight's healing potions. Now deceased.

* Draeg Walshlin - human noble of Lastlight with an interest in Lastlight's underground pit fights. 

* Duncan 'The Boar' Boarshelm - dwarf criminal lord of downtown Lastlight.

* Gerth Camble - dwarf merchant of Sunder with connections to Duncan Boarshelm.

* Kenric - elven wrestler and sword for hire. Hired muscle for Duncan Boarshelm, and one-time sparring nemesis for Carnacki.

 * Naraelin - elven apothecary of Lastlight

* Tarsten Nemir - human cleric of Iero Triumvir, at the Stonebridge church in Lastlight.


Session B:

* Gundren Hearthhold – brother of Gwendalyn, nephew of Gundren. Member of the Forge


Session C:

* Elliyas – member of the Forge, Gundren's contact in Vandalin, but unknown to locals. Later found to be Boss Blackstaff - leader of the Redcloaks, missing (having fled the old Manor of Vandalin). 

* Futhir and Thrennir – gnome brothers, currently missing. 


Others that I have yet to categorise: 



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