Not every corner of the continent is filled with forbidding castles, roaming tribes or dens of iniquity. The northern stretches of Mittel, and The Marches that spread to the north of it, was once the breadbasket of the Magisterium. Now, it's an unassuming province filled with bucolic fields, isolated villages and rolling hills. Few travellers venture off the old highway that runs through it, from the port of Baltyr in the north down through Greengate and then down to Altamar and, eventually, Tervingen and The  Septeme.


To the south, Mittel is a rather different place. This part of the continent is, it's said, the home of an ancient elf kingdom. The forests that mark Mittel's sprawling southern boundary are littered with filigreed ruins, and many elves continue to live here. 

The harvest town of Gilder marks the central point of this region. Northern Mittel has no cities except for Greengate, although there are a number of sizeable towns and villages along the highway. Settlements in the south are more Elvish in nature, such as Emberfell.

The region as a whole is bordered by The Marches in the north, Ord and Tarataras in the west, Marador and Sunder in the east, and the endless mountains in the south. The River Strell defines its northern border. 


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