This page compiles the settlements, regions, city-states and nations of the Lastlight Chronicles into a single list. 

Most relevant: 

* Lastlight – the largest settlement in Sunder, and centrally located in the continent. Lastlight's history is strongly linked to the defeat of evil forces in the Great War

* Vandalin – a small village in Sunder, around eight days' south of Lastlight. Vandalin is more of a frontier town than Lastlight, and has been rebuilt in the last few decades.

* Sunder – a mountain chain in the centre of the continent. Also a collective term for the towns, monasteries and colleges that dot  that mountain chain. 

* Altamar – a fortress city, renowned for its pivotal role in the ancient wars. Altamar is one of the largest cities on the continent and extends its light into surrounding areas like Sunder, Marador and The Heathlands

* The Heathlands - a large region southeast of Altamar and Sunder, without any strong central ruler. The region has lately been seen as a powder keg, with bandits taking over swathes of territory and peasants revolting against their local lords. 

* The Magisterium is the ancient, magic-fuelled empire that once ruled over much of the continent. Few details are known of it, but it is believed to have been multi-ethnic, multi-racial and originating in the northern lands. The Magisterium stretched as far south as Altamar and Tarataras. Notoriously, the city-states of The Septeme never fell under the Magisterium's sway. Much of the continent's law, faiths and architectural prowess descends from the Magisters. The Magisterium reached its peak several hundred years ago, and was destroyed utterly in the Great War


Nearby or well-known lands:

* Baltyr – a ramshackle port city, from where goods from the northern isles are channeled to Greengate, Altamar and The Septeme.

* Greengate – a prosperous, but highly polluted, town in Mittel. Greengate is mostly populated by gnomes and halflings. 

* Marador – a peaceful territory  north of Altamar

* The Marches - a large, culturally diverse region that was once a heartland province of the Magisterium. Baltyr is located at the northern border of this region. 

* Mittel – a bucolic region that once served as the 'breadbasket' of the Magisterium. Positioned between The Marches, Marador, Sunder and Ord.

* The Septeme – an alliance of seven city-states to the east of Altamar and Lastlight. The seven cities of The Septeme are renowned for their wealth and stunning beauty, but are also hotbeds of treachery and scheming. 

* Themgir – a mountainous land southwest of the Heathlands

Distant lands:

* Joku – a hermit kingdom to the north of Tarataras, said to be one of the last vestiges of the Magisterium.

* Larnach – a wet, windswept land in the cold southeastern corner of the continent. Larnach has a historical reputation for piracy.

* Ord – a mountain valley in the centre of the continent, between Mittel and Tarataras. Historically occupied by dwarves.

 * Pytha – a mystical land between Marador and Tarlanene

* Tajid – a peninsula to the north of Baltyr, once one of the central provinces of the Magisterium. Along with the Kesik islands off its coast, this region is known for is oppressive heat, dangerous wildlife, and strange magic.

* Tarataras – a land of rolling plains and grasslands populated by semi-nomadic tribes. Tarataras is separated from the bulk of the continent by a steep mountain range, and is largely unknown to the eastern lands. 

* Tarlanene – a peninsula in the northeast corner of the continent, and former stronghold of the Magisters. Many treasures of the Magisterium are said to dwell below the waters off Tarlanene's coast.



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