There are a number of religions in the world of the Lastlight Chronciles. Like many D&D settings, and indeed the medieval era that inspires much of the mood and feel of D&D, the majority of the population believe that a) gods are real, b) deities can actively intervene in the world, and c) clerics and priests and the voice of divine will upon earth. 

That said, several centuries of war have shaken the faith of many regions, particularly as (it's believed) the gods did not intervene to save the Magisterium. As such, faith is less fervent than the real medieval era – think of it more as a general cultural backdrop rather than a faith that is actively practised. It is rare for persecution by authorities against commoners do not adequately practice their faith, for example. 

Key religions are as follows:

* the Triumvirate, practised in Altamar, Lastlight and Sunder, Mittel and some other regions. 

* The Church of Creuss Undivided, in northern regions such as The Marches, Tarlanene and beyond. 

* The Pantheon of Thorns, a collection of folkloric spirits and deities that is worshipped by Druids, some paganistic tribes of wood elves and others across the land.  

* Lanker, a folkloric figure who is considered the patron saint of urchins. 

* the Mourned, a flagellant cult who've arisen in the past few decades. 

* the Drakoyiska or dragon cults, a loose collection of fanatics who worship the semi-mythical beasts who perished in the Great War.   

* the Pantheon of Tharn


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