This page details the personalities featured in the Lastlight Chronicles, and some of the factions to whom they may swear allegiance.

Player Characters:

* Erol Fellwright - human ranger – disillusioned former soldier of Altamar, now one of the Rangers of Sunder.

* Carnacki Baragnog - tiefling Gloom Stalker - conspiracy theorist and outlander of Themgir’s southern reaches, now using his mountaineering skills as a Ranger of Sunder.

* Rastus - half-orc wizard – folk hero of Goodbrook, now an apprentice wizard at Stonebridge in Lastlight.

* Taerus - wood elf rogue – once an urchin from the streets of Altamar, now intent on making his fortune in the world.

* Aerwyn – half-elf sorcerer – former resident of Mittel, who seems favoured by mysterious divine forces.

* Dardiana – human bard – one of the Riverfolk who ply their trade between Altamar and The Septeme, who's ventured into Sunder to pursue tales of heroes of yore.

* Tagar – half-orc ranger of the Beast Conclave - a former bandit of the Heathlands, who has left his old life behind in an effort to find redemption.

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