This page details the personalities featured in the Lastlight Chronicles, and some of the factions to whom they may swear allegiance.

Active Player Characters:

* Carnacki Baragnog - tiefling Gloom Stalker - conspiracy theorist and outlander of Themgir’s southern reaches, now using his mountaineering skills as a Ranger of Sunder.

* Rastus - half-orc wizard – folk hero of Goodbrook, now an apprentice wizard at Stonebridge in Lastlight.

* Aerwyn – half-elf sorcerer – former resident of Mittel, who seems favoured by mysterious divine forces.

* Thorin - dwarf druid – apprentice to Verreban at the Tree of Stars, banished from the Fireforge Clan.

* Arditha - human paladin/warlock – onetime member of the Church of Nisk and a former member of the Drakoyiska.

* Gurrak - half-orc barbarian/bard, who has been transported by his ancestors across the lands to defeat great evil. 


Retired PCs / ‘guest appearances’

* Erol Fellwright - human ranger – disillusioned former soldier of Altamar, now one of the Rangers of Sunder. Erol was last seen at the Siege of Athelbray; he headed off in search of a bandit lord.

* Taerus - wood elf rogue – once an urchin from the streets of Altamar, now intent on making his fortune in the world. He was last seen in Vandalin, although is understood he may be in Southern Sunder near Redpeak.

* Dardiana - human bard – one of the Riverfolk who ply their trade between Altamar and [[The Septeme]], who's ventured into Sunder to pursue tales of heroes of yore. Dardiana was last seen heading into Sunder to pursue a necromancer.

* Tagar - half-orc ranger of the Beast Conclave - a former bandit of the Heathlands, who has left his old life behind in an effort to find redemption. Tagar was last seen in Sunder,  pursuing an evil necromancer.


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