The Lastlight Chronicles

Downtime: the first weeks of Autumn
Carnacki picks fights | Taerus recovers

In the weeks between adventures…. 

A few days of gainful employment guarding caravans earns Carnacki a measly 15 gold, so he sets his sights on bigger meal tickets.  
Turning to a life of crime, Carnacki plunders a poorly guarded caravan owned by a prosperous local dwarven merchant named Gerth Camble. He gets 100 gold for his troubles but then finds that Gerth has strong ties to local crime boss from downhill Lastlight, Duncan 'the Boar' Boarshelm. Carnacki decides not to push his luck there, so looks elsewhere to get his kicks. 
Two weeks of pitfighting sees Carnacki win 150 gold and the enmity of a local elven fighter named Kenric. He performs well enough to be approached by a noble of Lastlight named Draeg Walshlin, who is looking at building a 'stable' of fighters. The Tiefling is non-committal, as he wishes to know more about Walshlin first.

Taerus, meanwhile, is recovering from his nearly fatal wounds. He spends a fortnight healing up in the Unicorn and Serpent. Captain Gillam has given him 20 gold for his troubles, some of which he puts toward his accommodation. When he heals up he moves to The Cauldron in downhill, which is a little cheaper. There, he is approached by Naraelin, a highly strung wood elf herbalist who's seen an opening in the lucrative apothecary business. Taerus spends the next fortnight moving Naraelin's delicate wares from workshops in Lastlight to Ombrey, from where they're sent onto Altamar. Naraelin does this in secret as he doesn't want to attract the attention of the standover men that control large portions of Lastlight's trade – he has previously been shaken down by an elven mercenary named Kenric, who Taerus thinks works for 'The Boar'. Thankfully, Taerus doesn't encounter any issues and earns 30 gold for his troubles, no strings attached.

Session A: A ranger's request
Bloodshed at Burgen's Farm

The last day of summer traditionally begins the three days of celebration called the Feast of Nisk. In the town of Lastlight, largest of the mountain-villages of Sunder, the day coincides with the Lighting of the Beacon, marking 300 years since the ending of the centuries-long war against the evils that once dwelled in the mountains. All of Lastlight’s 2,000-odd residents have come out for the festival, along with many of the farmers and miners from nearby homesteads and hamlets. The key activities are conducted by Lady Threnody Rook, who has been Lastlight’s appointed leader for many years.
With many of the local rangers occupied by the festivities, Gillam Sucain, grizzled Halfling ranger captain and right-hand man of Lady Rook, charges a junior ranger and his drinking companion – Carnacki the tiefling and Taerus the elf – with investigating a potentially suspicious fire at a farm some miles from town.
Carnacki and Taerus travel through the night, across the valley that lies west of Lastlight and up a nearby mountain peak. This mountain, like many in the region of Sunder, is marked by the wars that were fought here, with parts of the mountainside looking as if it’s been cleanly sliced by a massive blade. The mighty cliffs and gullies formed by this effect are known as the Shear.
Carnacki and Taerus’ destination is a small farm close to the edge of a Sheared cliff, run by a dwarf named Burgen Hearthhold. The farm appears abandoned and beyond an upturned wagon, the duo find no sign of Burgen himself. Carnacki and Taerus find and slay a number of goblins, before having a standoff in the ruins of an old tower with a fearsome, ape-like goblinoid creature called a bugbear. To save his companion from certain death, Carnacki bribes the foe to retreat. The bugbear mentions two phrases that are unknown to the duo – ‘raven king’ and ‘lantern’s flame’ – before departing.


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